Questions about wedding photography?


How would you describe your style? Natural and unobtrusive. I like to photography your day as it happens. By keeping formal photos to a minimum more time can be spent capturing  people in the moment.

What area do you cover? The North East, UK and beyond. Have camera, will travel.

Are you insured? Yes. I have full public liability and indemnity insurance.

How do we plan our wedding photography with you? About 6 weeks before the wedding I’ll contact you to arrange a meeting at your house. We will go over the timings for the day and who is going to be where at what time. If your having group photos I’ll also need a list of these emailed to me before the meeting.

How long will you be there on the day? I start shooting at the bride’s preparation and don’t stop until after the first dance or my finger falls off. Don’t worry, I have a backup finger.

What if it rains on my wedding day? Don’t panic. I’ll have a back up plan in case of rain and adverse weather conditions. I have a full set of lights so I can do portraits anywhere.

Do you shoot in colour, black and white, or both? Everything is shot digitally in colour. Your final photos will be a mix of both.

How many photographs do we get? Every wedding is different but I would say between 250 – 450+

How long have you been a photographer? I caught the bug when I was in my early teens and shot my first wedding at 16. Then I went on to study photography for 4 years. I worked in a commercial studio in Newcastle when I left collage at 22. I have since won awards with the countries top portrait studio.

Do you retouch your images? Oh yes! All digital files need to be enhanced to bring them to life. All of my post-production is done by hand and takes time, patience and lots and lots of coffee. If you’re into coffee check these guys out –  Pumphreys.

When will we get our pictures? About 6-8 weeks after the wedding depending on the time of year and how busy I am. It can be a little longer at the hight of the season. I never rush the editing and processing of my photos as every couples photos deserves my utmost attention.

Will it be okay for guests to take pictures? No problem, except during the couple’s portrait session as it can be very distracting for the couple. Have you thought about an unplugged wedding?

How do we book you? The first thing to do is send me an email to see if I’m free on the date of your wedding. If you wish, I can come to your house for an informal chat about your plans, or simply email you a booking form. To secure your date in my diary I will need a signed copy of my booking form and a £200 deposit.

How far in advance should I book you? Tricky question. It just depends on the date. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my busiest days so book as early in advance as possible. However, don’t hesitate to check if I am available for something last minute.


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