Hi, I’m Adam, a Newcastle wedding photographer covering the North East, Newcastle upon Tyne,Northumberland and any other place beginning with the letter N. To be honest I do the other letters as well.

I specialise in fun and relaxed wedding photography with a photojournalistic style and strive to capture the essence of your day as naturally as possible. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my amazing wife Nicola and our two kids. I’ve been into photography since forever. I’m a geek at heart. I’ve always loved gadgets and anything with an apple logo on. Even before they were cool.

Loves: The smell of fresh cut grass in the summer. Apple pie. Real coffee on a Sunday morning. Late afternoon winter sunlight. White water rafting down the Amazon. The sound of my kids laughing (not necessarily in that order).

Wishes: To have a six pack and some more hair would be nice. Working on the six pack. Think the hair is a lost cause. I know the hair is a lost cause!

My approach on the day: I like to start early on your wedding day. I find that the more time I spend with the wedding party in the morning while getting ready, the more relaxed and at ease people are with me being around with a camera.

I’ll liaise with the vicar or registrar before the ceremony and I alway make sure I’m unobtrusive throughout the proceedings. Any formal photos are done in a efficient and orderly fashion. Doing so gives me more time before the wedding breakfast starts to capture real moments that will form the backbone of your wedding story.

Every wedding has it’s own pace and character. More often than not the dance floor will be jammed straight after the first dance. That’s where you’ll find me, right in the middle of the action. Not dancing (well a little) but capturing some great moments when people let their hair down. Sometimes guests are a bit more reserved and wait a while before dancing. I’ll be on the side lines waiting for the action to start because I always like to finish a wedding with some great party photos.


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